Specialist fiduciary services

We provide specialist fiduciary services ensuring that your wealth management is in expert hands. We will assist with designing bespoke solutions to meet your asset protection and estate planning goals with a focus on discretion, efficiency, security and effective wealth management.


We address all available options, from corporate structures to trusts, Foundations and marine services to find the right approach for your assets, resources and objectives.

PTC Trustees Limited’s comprehensive fiduciary services offers:

  • Innovative wealth planning that expertly balances protection of assets, wealth preservation and succession planning objectives
  • Solutions that provide for the need to accommodate legal systems governing asset ownership, tax and succession, international compliance and data protection standards – and the potential for these to change
  • Options for discreet ongoing guidance and management to ensure continued security and sustained optimisation of your structures
  • Access to a broad spectrum of adeptly delivered services, which can be designed and adjusted for your specific purposes:
Professional Trustee Services

Working with families to establish a trust that can provide in a discreet manner for long term succession planning, can protect assets and provide a vehicle to hold investments, company shareholdings, property holding structures etc.

Company Management

Establishment of Guernsey companies and provision of directors, management and accounting services. Efficient administration of any underlying assets or business arrangements. Companies can typically be utilised to hold property investments, shares in family businesses, assets such as yachts, artworks etc and in some cases, intellectual property.

Guernsey Foundations

Establishment and acting as Councillor to manage the Foundation in accordance with the provisions of its Charter and Rules. A Guernsey Foundation has its own separate legal personality and is registered on the Guernsey Registry. Foundations are more familiar to clients in Civil Law jurisdictions, where trusts are often not a recognised concept.

Families can benefit from flexibility by having a family member appointed alongside us as a Councillor or a Guardian and to provide valuable input into family objectives in the management of affairs. In addition, the beneficiaries can be enfranchised (entitled to benefit and receive information) disenfranchised (intended to benefit in the future but not party to Foundation affairs until they become enfranchised).

A Foundation can enter legal arrangements in its own right and can hold and protect assets and manage family succession planning and family office arrangements, as well as to be utilised for philanthropic or charitable purposes.

Marine Services

Our team provides services and structures for the ownership and management of yachts that can include vessels held for personal enjoyment, commercial charter arrangements and payroll services for crew. We establish structures and administration arrangements with advice from our network of independent professional advisers on matters such as tax, VAT, Customs and international, cross border and maritime legal considerations.