Guernsey Fiduciary Services

Securing your family’s financial future

Effective family office management secures your family’s financial future and creates options for today. We provide specialist advice and insightful guidance for the entirety of your family’s wealth affairs. This is based on an individual approach including a diverse mix of services, from family governance planning to strategic wealth advice.

Our team are specialists, able to identify individual need and design a bespoke solution that caters to the necessities of protection, monitoring and management.

PTC Trustees Limited values are defined by discretion and expertise. We are able to draw on extensive experience in this field – as well as a network of key contacts – to improve the way that financial (and other) interests are handled. Central to this is the concept that there is always an opportunity to improve existing arrangements to reduce the burden on the family and enhance outcomes, whilst embracing input from family patriarchs and working with them to achieve long term family succession planning objectives.

Our family office service includes:

  • Dealing with key financial interests, for example those that relate to personal financial matters, as well as individual assets such as properties, super yachts and handling all aspects of investment portfolios, from set up to ongoing management
  • Management of other financial matters
  • Lifestyle objectives, for example international immigration, philanthropic gestures or property purchase, rental, sale or development
  • Security issues, both online and off.