About PTC Trustees

PTC Trustees Limited

PTC Trustees Limited is part of the PTC Group that was first established in Guernsey in 1994 as The Pensioneer Trustee Company (Guernsey) Limited and is independently owned and managed. The directors and senior managers have substantial experience in the finance, fiduciary and pension industry, which enables them to provide a high quality and personal service to their clients.

PTC Trustees Limited takes a contemporary approach to fiduciary services built on firm foundations of reliability and trust. We are independent and expert, providing services that integrate all the benefits of traditional fiduciary services with a touch of innovation.

About PTC Trustees

We are independent and expert, providing services that integrates all the benefits of traditional fiduciary services with a touch of innovation that creates greater opportunities for such services to thrive.

Our key building blocks are:

  • Independence. We are privately owned by our senior management team, but not by private equity investors, so we can put your interests – and those of your family – first. PTC Trustees Limited only works with respected third parties that are able to meet our exacting standards and whose vision and values align with our own. We choose the highest calibre partnerships, those where there is the potential to add value to the structuring and planning of your interests.
  • Prioritising long-term relationships. Our focus is on developing close relationships with our clients and advisors so that we can understand your goals and interests and provide a truly personalised approach. We aim to develop long term relationships which span multiple generations.
  • Broad, deep expertise. We will identify the best ways to secure your assets and preserve the benefits of your wealth. This includes expertly navigating changing legal landscapes, integrating ideas and developments to improve results. It also means using our acquired knowledge – and extensive connections – to ensure that your needs are being met in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Cost effective service. In order to ensure that your expectations are met, we offer a fixed fee basis rather than following industry standard time charge.